Thai Bev Joins “OUR Khung BangKachao” Project to Develop Khung Bang Kachao to Become a Sustainable Economy Community

30-09-2020 Variety News

By; Elite Plus Team

Through the cooperation of experts representing as many as 34 government and non-government organizations, “OUR Khung Bang Kachao” project has been focusing on sustainable community and economic development for the past year. Dr Sumet Tantivejkul, secretary-general of the Chaipatthana Foundation, which was founded by the late King Bumpibol Adukyadej, explained that their accomplishments so far, which were put on display, were in line with their 5-year development plan (2019-2023). Mr Kamolnai Chaixanien, Senior Vice President of Thai Beverages PLC, as head of the Youth Development, Education and Culture team said that through a collaborative network of families, local temples and schools, together, they have been able to help in the development of students and youth people as well as inspire in them a commitment to preserve local culture.

Through various activities such as the Chang Mobile Football Clinic and projects for the Preparation for O-NET Examinations, Crisis Management Planning and Recycling, they are working and succeeding in raising the quality of life for all in the community.

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