Good Health Start from You!

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By; Nulacha Sutthinonthagul


The World Health Organization recommends that everyone should get exercise as a routine for getting good health. It sounds simple to do, but in action, this wasn't that easy for everyone to get a minimum requirement exercise for at least a half-hour or 2 hours per week. The recommended starter exercise to begin just lacing up and running. All those other than being simple to do, so you don't even need to pay any exorbitant gym membership fees to do it.


Good Health Start from You!


1.) Lose Weight 

 In order to lose weight, you should do something to get your body to burn intake calories to transform them into energy. Try to concentrate on things which you consume each day and calculate all calories from them. You need to reverse the fattening effects of sweets and inactivity, you need to burn just as much or more of your calorie intake. 

Jogging is the most effective activity way to burn fat. The best thing is you should start building a habit of jogging as a routine to burn fat as well


Good Health Start from You!


2.) Reduce Blood Pressure

Even though jogging can cause your heart to beat out of your chest, this is actually beneficial for you. An increase in heart rate will pump greater amounts of blood which in turn results in allowing blood to flow freely. The research has found that "Jogging" is an activity that does make your hearts return to their normal resting heart rates, blood pressure would decrease significantly. 


Good Health Start from You!


3.) Enhance Mental Health

The studies have found that to improve the brain's health, you need to get exercise for getting ample oxygenated blood and remove deoxygenated blood as possible. The physically inactive would lead you to get an experience more frequently of headaches or migraines. 

So, jogging and running was a thing that can ensure psychological well-being and reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's. Even though walking and aerobics can help to improve blood flow. All activities have been found that be effective in reducing cognitive decline.


Good Health Start from You!


4.) Strength Bones and Joints

In fact, jogging and running have been found that improve bone density. That's because it can actually reverse the effects of osteoporosis and arthritis by slowly rebuilding bone strength and cartilage composition. However, both osteoporosis and arthritis were affected by millions of people globally. Another cause of these conditions is also a lack of physical activity.


Good Health Start from You!


5.) Strengthen Muscles

In truth, running and jogging were great activities to tone your hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, calf muscles, and core area. Some kinds of exercise activities could be counterproductive to your health goal, but it's really important to keep sticking to a cardio exercise. 


Good Health Start from You!


6.) Improve Longevity


Not much knows that jogging could effectively extend your lifespan. It could be improved bone health, heart health, and mental health, as you get older. The average habit of jogging at least an hour a week can add up for a whole 6 to 7 years to your life. 


Good Health Start from You!


The hardest thing about jogging is to staying motivated and maintaining a regular schedule.  However, not only does not staying active effectively decrease your lifespan, but remaining sitting for extended periods can cause some pretty nasty consequences to your health. In this article, we’ll talk about some major health benefits of jogging for just about 20 minutes a day.


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