Issue : October/ November 2018


Sensory deprivation can help soothe mental anguish and alleviate physical aches and pains


The idea of relaxation for many might involve massages or various spa treatments designed to tackle different issues for the body or mind. What if we said that doing absolutely nothing in a state of sensorial deprivation can also do the trick? At Bangkok Float Center, located at Show DC on Rama IX Road, you can float in a dense saline solution in one of the Dreampots and rid of yourself of many physical and emotional stresses in just an hour.


Each of the four private spa rooms house an advanced Dreampod float tank filled with only 25cm of water containing 700 litres and 600 kilograms of pharmaceutical Epsom salt. The process is easy. Take a shower and step into the pod. Changing mood lights can be calming in some cases, but this time you will want to seal yourself from all senses and focus on keeping the mind blank.



The Dreampods are controlled by a central computer system that maintains the water temperature at a constant 34.5C, the same temperature as the surface of the skin. Without the burden of the pull of gravity, your body is totally free from muscular stress. Gliding on the surface of the water will make you feel totally weightless, almost the same as astronauts floating in space. The hatch of the Dreampod is closed throughout the float session, creating a sensory-reduced environment that eliminates much external stimulus such as sound, sight, noise, smell and touch and leads you to a state of neutral buoyancy. An essential state of calm and relaxation can contribute to incredible natural healing results.



The calmness and deep relaxation help the brain reach theta brain wave levels normally experienced between drowsiness and sleep, or by those in deep meditation. You can experience deep calm without going through years of meditation – perfect for those who need an escape from the daily hustle and bustle of life’s demands.


As you float face-up in the Dead Sea-dense saline solution, your mind at first will wander and existing physical stresses might be aggravated. Close your eyes and listen only to the sound of your own heartbeat in a zero-gravity state and complete darkness for a few minutes, and you will soon feel waves of tranquillity and total relaxation soothe the body and mind, sending you off to deep slumber while floating in water. After 60 minutes, wake up to the soft hum of music feeling totally relaxed and at the same time invigorated, as if you have just had a great six-hour sleep.


There are many benefits of flotation. While the saline solution is good for your skin, floatation helps heal injuries and ailments such as hypertension, joint inflammation and insomnia, as well as other symptoms caused by stress, those that contribute to many of our illnesses and diseases. Floating is also helpful for those who suffer from anxiety or depression. Come away feeling new.


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