Issue : February / March 2015 Elite Performance

             Sometimes music can help ease what hurts. As a Thai expat in the UK I returned to Bangkok for an unhappy occasion. After I calmed down a little after losing my beloved aunt, I was persuaded to take in some music at the Conrad Hotel on Wireless Road before heading back to Bromley in London. And following an inspirational performance that highlighted her powerful voice, I had a chance to sit down to chat with internationally acclaimed vocalist Tabitha King. Ms King spoke frankly and personally on her background, her music and her career on tour.

            Hi Tabitha, how do you spend your time in Bangkok?

            I’m completing a six-month performance contract at the Conrad Hotel. In my spare time I give singing lessons to two children who are also classical pianists, and they are amazing. At ages like 7 and 11, they are very teachable.

            How often do you practise your own music?

            Honestly, the band and I don’t really practise. If there is new music I want to perform, I simply give the band the name of the song. The next night or whenever they feel comfortable with the song, we will perform it.

            Do you sing mostly soul and jazz?

            Not so much jazz. It’s soul, pop, country and a little bit of every genre. Mostly my performances are songs the lounge guests have requested. The majority of requests at the Diplomat Bar are songs from Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, in addition to Motown, soul, jazz, etc. I mainly perform jazz standards during the first and second shows of the evening since this is the most relaxed time before the lounge fills

with guests coming from outside or business meetings.

            You can sing pretty much anything.

            I learn new music on a regular basis so that each guest is satisfied after their visit to the lounge as well as their stay at the Conrad. If someone requests a song I’ve never performed, that actually is a challenge. If I receive a request I am not familiar or have only a vague idea about, I’ll attempt to learn it on a break and perform the song in the next set.

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