10 rules of a great conversationalist

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By: Nulacha Sutthinonthagul


Better know, If you need the great communication by this following would be useful and helpful for you. 


10 rules of a great conversationalist


1. Be Genuinely Interested in the person. Strive to know more about him/her through the conversation.


2. Focus on The Positive. Opt for positive and meaningful topics over negative ones.


3. Converse, not debate (or argue). Where there are differences, agree to disagree.


4. Respect; don't impose, criticize, or judge. Respect others' space and right to their views.


5. Put the person in his/her Best Light. Make the person look good (without being unauthentic).


10 rules of a great conversationalist


6. Embrace Differences while building in commonalities.


7. Be True to yourself. Do not mime; be ready to share your own thoughts.


8. 50-50 Sharing. Do not dominate the discussion. At the same time, do not hold back from sharing either.


9. Ask Purposeful Questions. " What drives you in life? What are your current goals? What inspired you to make this change?" Meaningful questions elicit meaningful answers.


10. Give and Take. Do not be too critical of what others say/do. Always give others the benefit of the doubt.


10 rules of a great conversationalist


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