Polish Apples: Tasty & High Quality


Polish Apples: Tasty & High Quality

By Kathleen Pokrud
Photographer by Kasama Chakkhruea


       “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” so the saying goes, Maybe that’s why apples are one of the most popular imported fruits in Thailand. Supermarkets in Bangkok are flooded with many varieties from around the world. Poland is the leading producer and second largest exporter of apples in the European Union. Aside from exports, the apple industry is important for Poland in terms of apple-related industries such as juice production and other food processing activities.


       A Thai delegation consisting of fruit importers such as CPF Global Food Solution Plc, Narayan World Fruits and Vachamon Food, and the celebrity Chef Kaew recently visited Warsaw to study Polish apples. The visit was organized by the Polish “Fruit Union” Association of Polish Fruits and Vegetables Distributors and Fruit Growers Association as part of its promotional and educational campaign, “Fresh from the orchards of Poland”, financed with the support of the European Union and Fruit and Vegetable Promotion Fund in Poland.



      Poland is one of the largest producers of apples in the world. The most commonly grown fruit in the country, annual production reaches over three million tonnes, with many exported to countries around the world. Polish apples are known for their high quality and delicious taste. The most popular varieties include Gala, Golden Delicious, Najdared, Red Chief, Red Delicious and Red Jonaprince. Poland is a natural environment for growing apples as it gives them a unique, aromatic taste as well as excellent health benefits.



      Paulina Kopec, secretary-general of the “Fruit Union” association explained why Polish apples are unique. “Polish farmers treat our orchards like their children. Our fruits are very popular due to their unique taste and nutritional value. Poland provides a suitable climate and soil. Our deep knowledge and experience make Polish apples stand out those grown in other parts of the world.”



      Arkadiusz Gaik, president of the Fruit Union, echoed, “Cultivation of apple trees is a knowledge and tradition passed down from generation to generation of fruit growers. Our producers operate according to the principles of integrated plant protection. They use modern, biological techniques of cultivation and fertilization. We produce in accordance with the principles of sustainable agriculture and the European Green Deal that emphasizes sustainable growth.”


      During the five-day visit, the Thai delegation met with key representatives from the Fruit Union. An official welcome dinner was arranged at the headquarters of the Polish Olympic Committee with Polish government officials. The group visited the state-owned WIJHARS laboratory and attended a conference at the Ministry of Agriculture. Another packed day was spent on business matching between Thai fruits importers and local Polish producers. The group visited apple orchards along with packaging and processing plants to view new innovative technologies such as high storage warehouses operated by robots managing inventory demands around the clock non-stop.



      During the official dinner with the Fruit Union, the Thai delegation met with Madame Ewa Dubaniowska, spouse of HE Mr Waldemar Dubaniowski, Polish ambassador to Thailand, who is currently residing in Warsaw.

      One of the delegates, Pavin Jeeyasak, senior manager and head of service providers of Vacharmon Food Ltd commented on the visit. “The study tour was very well-planned by the organiser. We learnt a lot about Polish apples. After this visit, we feel very confident in the quality of the apples from Poland. We are particularly impressed with their sustainable and innovative agricultural practices. As an importer, we also hope to see the Thai market accept the high-quality varieties of Polish apples as we have from this fruitful trip.”






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