Editorial Note

February / March 2016

          For the first issue of the magazine in 2016, I hope it is not too late to say Happy Belated New Year, and also to welcome Elite+ readers to the coming Chinese New Year! On behalf of the magazine, I wish you success
and happiness throughout the year regardless of any challenges you might face.

          The 11th issue of Elite+ greets readers with a cover story on major author and essayist Janne Teller. In the content industry, she is a humanist writer pushing for a more pleasant society – where diversity is respected
and people coexist peacefully. With the pen, content creators can wield incredible power, and rumour can lead to exploitation. Her powerful work can persuade even the cynical to believe in a better society. To succeed in this, the Danish humanist convinces us that a multicultural society can prosper peacefully despite the extremists who perceive issues as only white and black, misleading people and creating disharmony.

          In “Human Agenda”, the story of eco-social enterprise continues, giving a new, more nuanced definition to business or the private sector, which is not always the bad guy. Social responsibility is becoming a part of business practice. We still have opportunities to see corporations caring for people as much as profit – similar to Elite+, whose positioning is concerned with society, not only in the business sphere but the greater holistic landscape including culture and humanity.

          In this issue, we are honoured to receive content from new well known contributors. We would like to thank Madame Marie Chantal Biela, wife of the Belgian ambassador to Thailand, who gave an exclusive interview
on her life and her interest in art, published in the “Lifestyle” column. Likewise, author of the book The Meta Secret, Dr Mel Gill, contributes valuable lessons for readers on developing a positive attitude. His advice
can be followed in “Elite+ Self-Development”.

          In line with readers’ requests, we are surveying real estate topics in depth in order to create special investigative scoops and investment tips for future issues. In addition, our website, www.eliteplusmagazine.com, is
continuously being improved. To overcome the limitations of global logistics and distribution, readers can follow magazine content as well as a variety of news that is uploaded to the website regularly. In the near future,
readers will be able to take part in quizzes and contribute comments to get prizes from Elite+. You can support us by following us on our Facebook fan page, “Elite+ Magazine”. Please “like” us and share our stories to your
network and become a supporter of Elite+. Many thanks in advance to our beloved readers.


Warm regards,

Arthorn Techatada