Editorial Note

April / May 2016

Elite+ Magazine this issue greets readers with a cover story on the Kuwaiti ambassador, a small country but a big influence in the Persian Gulf. Despite the huge income generated by oil and gas, Kuwait, one of the most financially powerful nations, believes in modesty and looks to the future for sustainable investment for younger generations. Energy resources are only one of many factors directing the nation’s future.

Despite the decline of global oil prices, many Thai consumers are sceptical with regard to price fixing on the local market. Rosana Tositrakul, our new content contributor, is one of them and addresses the fact that Thailand’s energy policy requires substantial reform.

In “Human Agenda”, Anand Panyarachun introduces readers to Thailand’s New Normal and his hope for a better Thai society where inclusiveness, legitimate rule and greater equity of income distribution can be achieved. The former prime minister’s paradigm responds to the mission of the “Human Agenda” column, promoting social equality, quality of life and humanitarian causes.

The magazine does not neglect that life also demands positive and entertaining features, garnishing main course content with the page-turning “Elite Health” and “Leisure Guide”. For the latter, the well known Indian Holi ceremony parallels the coming Songkran water festival in Thailand. While Thais choose water, Indians choose colourful powders dissolved in water to splash over one another, celebrating a legendary tradition.

Underscoring the significant contributions of women in society, Elite+’s “Lifestyle” presents a dominant writer in Indonesia. Getting to know her will open up new perspectives on Muslim society in this neighbouring country.

Likewise, www.eliteplusmagazine.com continues to develop. We are offering content in an innovative multimedia platform, signifying the fact that the magazine is stepping towards its third year with this second anniversary issue you now hold in your hands. While the

publishing industry is struggling through modern challenges, Elite+ is thriving. To recognise this success, the magazine congratulates Kota Buku, one of the biggest international book fairs in the region, which aims to recommend the magazine internationally. Can you

recognize our endeavours and determination at Elite+? Rest assured that we will continue to stride forward.