Editorial Note

June / July 2016

Nice to greet my dear readers again; I am always delighted to write the page 2 note of Elite+ every two months, as this means that our magazine is still growing and welcome in your hands.

Beginning with the cover story of this issue, our 13th, I would like to present our exclusive interview with His Excellency Glyn Davies, the new US ambassador to Thailand, who speaks frankly to us on the US-Thai

relationship and on the topic of freedom of expression. Sincerity and controversy can occur together and end up fostering a better understanding between countries.


It is also much appreciated that Thailand’s Minister of Science and Technology Pichet Durongkaveroj granted us an exclusive interview. We spoke with him about his team’s innovations for helping young Thai

start-up entrepreneurs, even the paradigm shift to foster innovation through international diplomatic exchanges, thus aiding research and development in the long run.


Like a vigilant dog alert to big movements in the region, the world’s focus is on the new Myanmar. We have two special articles about the country from two special panels – coverage that is hard to find in other

magazines, even in other kinds of media.


A variety of hard and soft content comprises Elite+, a unique magazine for sophisticated cosmopolitans.


A third year of development is planned by our team. From having 12 feature articles per 80-page issue, we plan to change to 20 articles covering a broader range of topics along with a new graphical look and

younger feel. What would be your reaction to the proposed changes?


Our dream is to be the No 1 fine-content magazine in the Asia-Pacific region, including interactive multimedia for two-way communication between us. The digital avenue will be another channel for implementing this

ideal. Please follow our rapid changes at www. eliteplusmagazine.com, which has daily news updates and weekly video scoops on extraordinary topics. Don’t hesitate to follow us closely online.


Warm regards,
Arthorn Techatada