Editorial Note

October / November 2016

Death is inevitable but it’s hard to accept that His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej passed away, and this loss has brought the nation to tears. On October 13, I was on the plane travelling to Frankfurt, Germany, to attend the Frankfurt Book Fair. I was speechless. I spent 10 hours on the plane trying to bring back memories of what the King has done for Thailand. Of course 10 hours was not enough for what he has done for the country in the past 70 years.

For most Thais, he is the only monarch we have ever known. I grew up seeing him through the media visiting rural areas, his shoes and trousers muddied in the fi elds, forests and mountains. He travelled around the country and initiated thousands of development projects that have greatly elevated Thai people’s quality of life. Scenes of HM the King and the Queen sitting on the ground, talking to villagers, hands holding maps, became a familiar sight that touched all Thai people, from the rich urban elite to the poor agricultural workers.

Though he has passed away, his legacy remains. Elite+ believes that the best way to pay respect and to pay tribute to our beloved King is to follow in his footsteps. Hence we honour our King by featuring a special cover story on his philosophy and legacy, especially the suffi ciency economy philosophy that will always be remembered. His legacy, as you can read from our cover story, will inspire generations to come.

Lastly, the entire family of Elite Creative join the people of Thailand during this mourning period to share in the grief and great loss of our beloved father.

May His Majesty King Bhumibol rest in peace.


Arthorn Techatada
Bangkok, Thailand