Editorial Note

August / September 2014

A good beginning is work half done. And a good response is half the struggle won. Following the first issue of Elite+, we received a lot of comments from various channels and perspectives. Many thanks for all the

responses, most of them grateful and encouraging our development of an Englishlanguage magazine to cover the region.


Subscribers and readers can observe some minor changes in this, our second issue.

A more graphics-rich look and feel, but with stronger content.

At first we thought readers would enjoy seeing activities of celebrities, parties and other fashionable pictures, similar to what other glossy magazines present. We thought that deep-thinking text and literary

works would be less welcome.


On the contrary, feedback has called for a greater variety of content that boosts understanding of business, lifestyle, culture and politics and elucidates various aspects of Thailand’s role in Asia and around the world.

Gracing the cover of this issue, as you have seen, is a snapshot of our exclusive interview with Eric Yang. He is a Korean publisher who founded RH Korea and was elected president of the Asia-Pacific Publishers

Associations (APPA), an organization with 16 member countries and many active leaders in the industry. He urges regional publishers to join hands and change the industry, digitizing quality content in order to sell

and promote Asian content to Western countries.

Our staff have also added new columns to the issue, including “Diplomatic Affairs” and “Marketing Mind”, which I hope will help readers enjoy more of the activities behind Elite+.

Again, we encourage two-way communication in order to make the magazine the best it can be, with charm and style. Our website, www.praphansarnasia.com, is becoming more user-friendly and is an easy way to

send us comments on Elite+, either positive or negative, by filling out the online questionnaire. There are some small rewards for those who provide feedback.

Many thanks to our readers for helping us realize our slogan: “The Magazine for Sophisticated Cosmopolitans.”

Warm regards,
Arthorn Techatada