Editorial Note

August / September 2017

Who runs the world? Women. Perhaps it’s not too much to say that I am fascinated with women in positions of power – female world leaders, chairwomen of companies and those in top positions in any organization, who are strong, smart and sophisticated, who continuously break barriers and challenge norms while inspiring us all.

In this issue, we are honoured to meet one of the smartest, boldest, busiest women in Thailand, Supaluck Umpujh, chairwoman of The Mall Group, who spared some time to give us an exclusive interview at her comfortable and luxurious home. I believe you will enjoy reading about her leadership, failures and great accomplishments, ones that help inspire and increase opportunities for women, and to learn that “life ain’t no crystal stair”; in order to be successful, you have to work hard for it, and I mean very hard.

A lot of successful people have their own idol or someone they look up to. For Ms Supaluck, it’s HM the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who was greatly loved and respected by all of us. Though we are not looking forward to one of the saddest days for Thai people, we have to accept that the royal cremation ceremonies for the late King are already scheduled for Oct 25-29 and the cremation itself will be held on the 26th. To honour and respect the passing of HM the late King, we feature a special story on the preparation of the royal cremation, which showcases the art and history of this royal Thai ceremony, and the work and dedication of the volunteers who have been a part of this cultural and social phenomenon through Thai history. He will remain in the hearts and minds of his people forever.

Apart from these stories, we are pleased to be able to meet Asia’s idol singer of the ’70s, Agnes Chan, in her office in Shibuya, Tokyo, where she spoke about her passion and dedication to advocacy work with UNICEF over 20 years. Now 61, Ms Chan, a singer I’ve adored since I was young, is as charming and talented as ever. I feel inspired by the fact that she is not just a pretty face, but her heart is beautiful. And I am very honoured that she has accepted to be our keynote speaker at our Elite+ 3rd anniversary party to be held in mid-November this year. Elite+ partners with UNICEF to organize the event to help raise funds so that underprivileged children can have a better quality of life and make the world a better place for all of us. I will inform our guests soon about this exciting event, and I hope that all of you will support us as always.



Warm regards,
Arthorn Techatada
Executive Editor