Editorial Note

April / May 2018

This issue we celebrate the empowerment of women with the inspirational success story of our cover personality, Preeyanart Soontornwata, the visionary president that laid the foundation of the B.Grimm Power empire to become Thailand’s pioneering small power producer. As an executive myself, I’m aware of the hard work needed to launch a company and the sacrifice required to maintain success amid all the setbacks, struggles and challenges. With that, I salute Preeyanart for her perseverance and vision.

Strong and powerful women not only inspire but also nurture, as exemplified in another profile in this issue, of Dujdao Vadhanapakorn, movement therapist and actor who soothes troubled minds with her unique approach that blends art and science. She offers a rare service that is severely lacking and much-needed in modern society – making the world a better place through warmth and empathy.

Flip further through the pages and you’ll find an interesting study on how lack of vacation has a negative impact on your life. Well, this is April, the month with the longest holiday of the year. If you’ve been postponing a vacation with your family and loved ones, there is no better time to plan a trip and recharge your batteries. Also, I would like to wish you all a very happy Thai New Year. Stay safe and celebrate responsibly.

I hate to end on bad news, but I regret to announce that Pongpol Adireksarn, long-time contributor to Elite Adventure, will no longer take us on his magnificent journeys into the wild as he will be devoting his time to his next literary project. Going forward, we will do our utmost to keep you thrilled and excited with different types of adventures from our various contributors. Stay tuned!

Until next time.



Warm regards,
Arthorn Techatada
Executive Editor