Editorial Note

October / November 2014

Hello dear readers, we now have our bimonthly meeting again on the Elite+ magazine development agenda.

I like to foster a climate of two-way communication, to listen and share our ideas and dream that this world is a fruitful meeting room for discovering our shared interests.

Certainly on the development of Elite+ there are always some changes and improvements in order to stay alive and some aspects that shouldn’t be changed because of our standpoint on positioning.

Our position on the source of content is that every interview, essay, scoop, photograph and so on should emphasize originality, especially the exclusive pictures.

You can find this standpoint in Elite+ from the first issue to the present one. Elite+ 3 begins with our exclusive cover story on Chatri Sophonpanich – answers that he has not given to any other media outlet in the past decade – and ends as every issue does with a photo essay from a professional

photographer or writer, a beautiful series of images with meaningful perspectives on AEC countries.

What is a strong comment on the development of Elite+? One response from you has been a call for more features on talented women. Besides the lifestyle column, we have now featured the prodigious cello talents of Tapalin Charoensook in a new column called “Elite Music”. In future issues we

will provide more variety for the cover stories, “Diplomatic Affairs” and other newly created columns such as “Human Agenda” in order to balance the views of men and women. These are changes that we have reached due to your input. A big thanks to our dear readers for your participation.

Last but not least, many thanks to our English-language editor, Ezra, who always provides crucial help on text arrangement and style recommendations for our team of writers. More than an editor, he is also a good reader who contributes ideas to the development of Elite+. Ideas from all readers

will be considered in our wish to improve. Most of all, thank you all again for helping me realize our slogan: “The Magazine for Sophisticated Cosmopolitans”.


Warm regards,
Arthorn Techatada