Editorial Note

February / March 2015

Nice to meet my readers again with Elite+ No 5. Someone said to me that the work of an editor is like polishing a diamond. I quite agree. Each issue of Elite+, from the starting point to the end, is a task of polishing for me, with Ezra Erker as my buddy; every article and image is scrutinized closely

before the issue is published.

Moreover, the next issue will mark our one-year anniversary – a year since the development of the overall look and feel of the magazine and its content. This has made us think seriously about adding more diversity, value and fine changes, as many recommendations and requests have come in

for a variety of new material. So we will make some changes and diversify in honour of our anniversary. Many of you will appreciate new articles on idyllic or adventurous travel destinations and practical information on what to do, where to stay and how to get there. Resident expatriate families in

Thailand may want to know more about good international schools for their children, delicious food and restaurant exclusives, and various cultural events that fit their family lifestyles. Some expats have to move their families in order to advance their careers, and may want to know about

residences that are hard to find through search engines. Yes, it will mean a lot of challenging work for our editorial team to satisfy the variety of readers’ interests. To start with, in this issue we have included articles on a top-quality international hospital and an internationally acclaimed vocalist that

expats in Bangkok will appreciate.

Of course, for our 5,000 subscribers who are reading this at home, the magazine won’t change its position on providing informative and practical content, as the past five issues have offered. I am always happy to hear that subscribers prefer to read our quality content and pictures over other

kinds of glossy magazines. Adding a greater diversity of content to Elite+, as touched on above, will also mean an expanded role for our website. For example, readers who prefer to read articles on a tablet, or access long features online, can enjoy expanded coverage both on the website and in

the magazine. The website can also offer more up-to-date information than the bimonthly magazine can. Listings on exhibitions, food promotions, residential developments and more would be better for the website, as they are likely to change too often to include in the print magazine. However,

as our subscribers, you should have the exclusive privilege of enjoying both versions. Access for Elite+ online will be prioritized for subscribers, who will receive a designated password and username of your own in order to access all content. You will also have the first opportunity to read the

physical magazine before it is launched for general readers through other channels and retail outlets.

Last but not least, there will be more benefits for all kinds of readers in the next issue, but we will keep these secret in order to offer you a surprise on our anniversary. Cheers!


Warm regards,
Arthorn Techatada