Editorial Note

June / July 2015

Readership comes with leadership. This statement is proved true by Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi, the publishing princess of the UAE. Luckily I met her at the IPA congress at the end of March. Her thoughts about the publishing industry, especially the children’s and young adults’ segment, are

critically recognized worldwide. Elite+ approached her after she returned to her homeland, and won time in her busy schedule to create a cover story to share with our readers for our one-year anniversary.

Most of our favourite columns, such as Diplomatic Affairs, Elite Adventure, Country Portrait, Elite Health, Leisure Guide and Photo Essay, are getting positive votes among readers and advertisers in our continuous marketing research. That includes our cover stories for sure.

As executive editor, I try my best to tailor articles to what our readers prefer, so please fill out our online questionnaire as best you can. It brings me great pleasure if our readers enjoy reading, more than if I satisfy my advertisers. But I need feedback from you regarding what types of articles you

like to read.

To start our second year, my team was happy to hear your responses about the new graphic layout, where were unanimously positive. Please follow up by checking out our new online design and user-friendly menu. I think that changes promised in previous issues will become more and more

apparent. Online updates are moving from monthly to weekly, and from weekly to daily, to be more current and accurate.


Regarding our birthday party, which I also mentioned in the previous issue, we have now reserved the ballroom of the Chatrium Riverside Hotel on a day between July 6-15, depending on final confirmation from our famous keynote speaker. You will be informed in more detail by our online public

relations department. Invitations will be sent to annual subscribers only, so to join our committed Elite+ network with a free dinner talk, please be our guest (subscriber) by filling out our one-page subscription form, either the printed or digital versions. Your support is always welcome and



Last but not least, the topic of our keynote speaker is “wisdom beyond crisis”, and our subscribers can ask questions and share ideas with the elite persons in attendance.


Warm regards,
Arthorn Techatada