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Ripples : A reflective excerpt from a collection of words and images called elemente


When text and image are juxtaposed, the eye tends to fall naturally on the image and text is often treated as caption or annotation. In this case, images came out of recent travels in journalism, the words from an older creative source that settled thematical- ly into five groups, one of which is abbreviated here, text extracted from much longer poems. The photo- graphs, taken across four continents, later chose themselves to enhance the words and themes, casting the verses in a new light while they retained their own, riding the elements into deviant futures.

Scheveningen, Netherlands
Ranong, Thailand
Kaeb, Cambodia
Melbourne, Australia
Kona, Hawaii
Hilo, Hawaii
Arnhem, Netherlands
Nimes, France
Nimes, France
Bangkok, Thailand
Kilauea Caldera, Hawaii
Giethoorn, Netherlands

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