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Footsteps : Wanderings in space and time


This third extract from elemente, a collection of poems and photographs along elementary themes, explores songlines – humanity's intrinsic nomadic nature – over earth through juxtaposition of landscapes and text. Text preceded images, sometimes by decades, with the latter deriving from recent explorations in journalism. Nevertheless the images, from nine countries on four continents, help lend new interpretations to words abbreviated here from much longer poems. The pairings aim for rough symbiosis, each imbuing the other with new layers so it can better explore on its own feet.

Walk among the People. Kilauea C...
Wilderness Diary. Hehuanshan, Ta...
Borders. Berlin, Germany.
Hermitage. Kalapana, Hawai'i.
Winter Bloom. Keukenhof, Netherl...
Episodes en Route. Kona, Hawai'i.
The Tree No One Knows. Albert Pa...
Last Steps. St Kilda, Australia.
Day in a Life Study. Yangon, Mya...
Me and Bobby McGee. Paksane, Laos.
Dusk, Mountain, Heath. Hallstatt...
Reverberations. Angkor Cambodia.

Ezra Kyrill Erker 2 Posts

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