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The World Climate Change Conference 2015

The World Climate Change Conference 2015

More than 100 world’s leaders including Barack Obama, David Cameron, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping gathered together in UN World Climate Change Conference 2015 (COP21-CMP11) yesterday at a conference centre Le Bouquet airfield near Paris, France.


“We’ve come to Paris to show our result. We’ve stayed in united and solidarity, not only to deliver justice to the terrorist network responsible for the attacks but to protect our people and uphold the enduring value to keep us strong and keep us free. And we salute Paris for insisting this crucial conference to go on – an act to prove that nothing can deter us for building the future to our children,” said the US president Barack Obama during his speech in the summit on Monday.


After the series of environmental conference including the last attempt in Copenhagen in 2009 had failed, world’s leaders have been expected to promise to make an action against the environmental issue. The current conference in France seemed to rise a new hope for humanity.


“Nearly 200 nations are assembling here this week. The decorations of all the challenges we face - growing threats of climate change could define the contour of this century more dramatically than the others.  What should give us hope is that this is the turning point. This is the moment we finally determined to save our planet. It is the fact that our nations share the sense of urgency about this challenge and the growing realisation within our power that we could do something about it,” Barack Obama marked his determination to encounter with the global warming crisis.


As the two biggest carbon emitters, USA and China, the leaders of the two nations delivered their sincere intention to be a part of solving this problem. Lately, they are working together to succeed in an agreement to move the nations towards the low-carbon economic society. President Xi Jinping admitted that “Tackling climate change is a shared mission for mankind.”


While the Chinese president was in Paris taking a response to the global environment issue, Beijing the capital city of China at this time is also encountering with the more violent level of smog alert. As the orange level alert was activated, strict regulations such as the requirement for nearby factories to reduce the production or temporarily shut down will be applied in Beijing to prevent the smog to become worse. The northern regions of China counting the capital always experience the air pollution during winter resulting from the heavy industries and coal-fired power plants situated in the regions as the centre.


Apart from the climate conditions typically mentioned in the summit, The Guardian stated that Masoumeh Ebtekar, vice president of Iran also related climate change with terrorism. “I wish to urge the UN system to initiate an assessment on the carbon footprints of war, conflicts, security and terrorism,” Ebtekar said. “Those perpetuating conflicts are in fact accomplices of the global warming process.”