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North Korea Travel

North Korea Travel

People over the world are turning their face away from North Korea again when hearing another disrepute of this country successfully carrying out the first Hydrogen bomb. With its strong obsession in military power, North Korea’s representative announced that this H-bomb was much powerful than any nuclear weapon used ever. “This H-bomb test brings us to a higher level of nuclear power,” the North Korea State news agency claimed.


Even though there is no reliable evidence confirming its success, listening to this news is absolutely threatening the rest of the world. However, the frightening myths of this country have never done anything wrong to an amount of travellers. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) claimed that they are welcoming approximately 100,000 tourists from overseas every year.


The infamous and irrational propagandas, the high-protection security to access global media, the strict regulations restricting people from the fundamental freedom of movement or the role plays of government-appointed actors who pretend that every-day life in North Korea is simply “normal and peaceful”- The outsiders are so eager to know whether all the desperate rumours they have been told are really accurate.


Actually, arranging a trip to this mysterious land is not that troublesome. You are just not permitted to enter the country as a solo backpacker with a lonely planet guidebook in hands. Alien travellers are strictly required to join a tour group of a license travel agency who would be responsible for your behaviours during the trip.


Despite the world of connectivity we are living, flying to Pyongyang the capital of DPRK mostly organised by Air Koryo could be succeeded only via very few cities such as Beijing, Vladivostok and Kuala Lumpur where you can pick up visa from your tour operator.


According to Koryo Tour which is one of the biggest tour operators to North Korea, the trips to this country depart quite often and take at least three nights to explore its mystery. Start from 990 up to 4,590 euros, most of the programmes feature highlighted attractions such as Kumsusan Memorial Palace where the mausoleum of leaders is situated, Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) the Korea’s border separating the North and the South, the metro station and a city tour of Pyongyang.


If that does not sound exclusive enough, they proudly suggest you the very occasional itineraries namely Kim Jong Il Birthday Tour and Pyongyang Marathon Tour 2016. The former programme will bring you to witness the birthday ceremony of President Kim Il Sung on April 15th while the later one requires your hard-boiled physical strength to participate in the national marathon.