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Donald Trump Loses His Glory After His Anti-muslim Campaign

Donald Trump Loses His Glory After His Anti-muslim Campaign

Donald Trump’s case is another example of how bias and incautious expression can make a great impact boomeranging to himself. The Republican’s front-runner presidential candidate condemned Muslims for terrorism in the United States and proposed a campaign to temporary ban for Islamic people to entering the country. Claimed as the threat of terrorism, he stated that Muslims from overseas should be restricted to enter the country until “the representatives of the country can figure out what is going on.” Facing with harsh criticism, his political spectrum is widely opposed by various social sectors over the world including the politicians from the same party.


One of the backfire effects against it is the UK’s petition calling Mr Trump for being banned from entering the UK. Initiated on the British government website, the petition so far has attracted more than 300,000 signatures which is more than enough for the committee to consider this issue to be debated by lawmakers in the British parliament.


David Cameron, the UK’s prime minister gave a comment on his idea as “divisive, unhelpful and quite simply wrong.” Donald Trump’s campaign is being criticised as a hate crime and a verbal attack against different races, religions and nationalities. Some also link the business tycoon with Adolf Hitler as his speech contains racism and fascism.


Regardless to the criticism, the front-runner candidate argued that he was doing the right thing. According to an interview with CNN, he said, “The 100% of the people with me are the [public] people. I have to do what is right.


“I’m doing good for the Muslims. I was called by one of the most important people in the Middle East and he said to me that I just have done a tremendous service. Everybody wants to be so politically correct but we have a problem that needs to be solved. When the problem is solved, we’ll live in the much happier world.”


Donald Trump is an American business magnate and a real estate developer. He represents the image of the American success story and a celebrity. He is founder of the Trump Organisation and established Trump Entertainment Resort.


Representing luxurious value and American dream, his brands has broadly expanded to the Middle East region. On the other parts of the world there, the value of Donald Trump and his business is turning dubious. It is believed that his campaign will make an impact to his business especially in the regions where a vast Islamic population resides in. However, some believe that his anti-Muslim is one of the populist campaign to win a great support from American extremists.