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Thailand’s Bua Tong Festival

Thailand’s Bua Tong Festival

Can you all feel the winter breeze? It's now winter time in Thailand. Most tourists will visit the Northern Thailand. If we talk about where to go, most people will say Chiang Mai. However, we will introduce you to Mae Hong Son province. During November and December of every year, Mae Hong Son is famous for its Bua Tong Blossom Festival. 


Bua Tong or Mexican sunflower originated in Mexico. Its flowers are yellow to orange in color. The size of the Bua Tong is smaller than the sunflower. Local people sometimes call them wild sunflowers. They are commonly found in the areas with an altitude between 550 and 1,950 meters. It is believed that they were first planted by the missionaries in the area, and later spread all over the Northern part of Thailand. Bua Tong is also the provincial flower of Mae Hong Son.


The Bua Tong Blossom festival is held once a year. In 2015, the festival has already begun from the 1st of November to the 10th of December. Because of its breathtaking view, Doi Mae U-Kor, Khun Yuam in Mae Hong Son has become the most famous place for enjoying the beautiful scenery of the sunflowers. There, tourists are attracted by the golden yellow color of Bua Tong painting all over the hills located 1,600 meters above the sea level. You can relax among nature under the clear blue sky with the endless 360 degree view of the blooming flowers.


Besides the beauty of the flowers, you can enjoy the One Tambon One Product (OTOP) of Mae Hong Son province and fresh agricultural products that are available at the stalls along the way up the mountain. You can also visit the tourist attractions nearby, for example, Mae U-Kor Waterfall, Mae Yuam Luang Waterfall and Mae Surin Waterfall.


Most tourists visit the blooming Bua Tong field as a one day trip. However, you can stay overnight on Doi Mae U-Kor to enjoy the spectacular view of the profuse gold blossoms during the sunrise and the sunset by camping. If you forget to bring your own tent, there are tents available for rent. Those who are interested can directly contact Bua Tong office center on the hill.


-How to get there-

There are two ways by car. First, from the city of Mae Hong son. Drive on route 108 and then turn on to route 1263 at the 201st kilometer stone for about 12 kilometers. After that, turn on to the Ban Na Njew-Ban Hua Ha road and drive for 14 kilometers. Then, you will arrive at Doi Mae U-Kor.

Second, from Mae Jam district of Chiang Mai. Drive on route 1263 for 76 kilometers. Then, turn on to the Ban Na Njew-Ban Hua Ha road and drive for 14 kilometers until you arrive at your destination.


For more information concerning the Bua Tong festival, you can contact Khun Yuam District Office at 053-691108, Khun Yuam Municipality Office at 053-691019 or The Mae Hong Son Office of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) at 053-612982-3.