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Editorial Note

Arthur Kaneko : A pioneer in real estate technology

Arthur Kaneko : A pioneer in real estate technology

Welcome to the mid-year issue of Elite+. We are halfway into 2019 and already a lot has happened, at home in Thailand and elsewhere in the world. Again for this issue, our team has prepared many stories from various fields of interest for you. For the cover story, we had the pleasure of interviewing Arthur Kaneko, who is one of the pioneers in real estate technology. Even though his platform and services are mainly in the US, the innovative side of the venture can be an inspiration and offer a new perspective on how technology is used these days.

On the business side, we have two new-generation entrepreneurs – Allen Wong from the Hong Kong-based tea brand Or Tea? and Thai architectural firm BLOX – that are very creative and innovative in their respective fields. Don’t miss our interview with Ambassador Tony Cotter on relations between Thailand and Ireland and future collaborations between the two countries.

On the fun side, we’re taking you on a journey around the world, from exotic wildlife migrations in Kenya to the vast, majestic desert in Peru, before taking you back home to Thailand for a new and noted dining experience and a relaxing session at our recommended spa.

And as we’re continuing to bring you curated, original content every two months, we are also expanding our online and digital presence to offer you even more. In the meantime, please sit + back and enjoy this issue of Elite . Until next time!



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Arthorn Techatada
Executive Editor