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Editorial Note

Dr Tanupol Virunhagarun, MD Prevention : The Pathway to Wellness

Dr Tanupol Virunhagarun, MD Prevention : The Pathway to Wellness

          It seems to be a time of relief as the coronavirus pandemic appears to have been tamed in Thailand and our neighbours in Asia. The Government has been reducing restrictions and at the end of June, all restraints hopefully will be lifted and the country will once more be open to foreigners and, hopefully, Thais and those residing here will be able to travel at least around the region.

          To mark the coming of this “New Normal”, Elite+ is introducing a new, cleaner and more refreshing design, which we believe makes the text easier to read and the visuals more attractive. I hope you like it.

          For this issue, we conducted a short survey about how people have been dealing with the lockdown and now adapting to the lifting of limitations as well as preparing for and foreseeing the future, which I hope will provide you food for thought. Our cover story, an interview with Dr Tanupol Virunhagaram, or Mor Amp, BDMS Wellness Center COO and director of their Regenerative Medicine Cinic, also provides tips on how you can stay strong physically and mentally and avoid Covid-19 infection or at least minimalize symptoms.

          This issue also features an interview with HE Ambassador Tahamoana (‘Taha’) Macpherson, New Zealand’s ambassador to Thailand, in which he discusses New Zealand-Thai relations of the past and present as well as hopes and plans for the future as life gets back to normal or, as we say, a new normal as we wonder what things will be like in the days ahead.

          Offering a personal perspective on language and Thailand, we are very fortunate to have an article introducing Madame Ximena Rios Hamann, the wife of Peru’s ambassador to Thailand, HE Fernando J. A. Quiros Campos, by Kathleen Pokrud.

          And to give you some ideas for future travel, Pongpol Adirekson has honoured this issue by sharing a story and photographs taken during his search for rare animals beginning in Indonesia’s North Sulawesi. In the coming issues, he will continue to tell of his adventures as he seeks to explore and photograph not often seen flora and fauna native to the entire island. Meanwhile, Oliver Hargreave takes you to his distant home, Ireland, as he imparts his view of this ancient land and culture through his writing and photography.

          So, I hope you like our new look and enjoy the articles featured in the following pages. Don’t forget to remain vigilant so you and those your love and all who you encounter will stay safe and healthy.



Warm Regards,
Arthorn Techatada
Executive Editor