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Sung Cheng Chih ASEAN Economy in a Multi-Polar World

Sung Cheng Chih ASEAN Economy in a Multi-Polar World

2020 has somehow proven to be a hard year early on, with unfortunate, horrific incidents happening around the world as well as here at home. As an executive and someone wise with age and life experience, I believe that the best way to cope with the volatility and uncertainty is to be prepared and flexible, and most importantly, arm ourselves with the knowledge and know-how of experts and experienced people.

In this issue of Elite+, our cover story features an adaptation from the keynote speech presented by Dr Sung Cheng Chih, co-founder and CEO of Avanda Investment Management, at the AEC Business Forum 2020 hosted by Bangkok Bank. The article explores the ASEAN economy in a multi-polar world and investment implications, which I found quite informative and insightful. I hope it will help broaden your perspective on trade and commerce in our region and benefit your endeavours.

We also had the honour of interviewing Her Excellency Mrs Satu Suikkari-Kleven, Ambassador of the Republic of Finland to Thailand, about the long and cordial relations between the two countries. Also, from Scandinavia, the head of the Norwegian Seafood Council that has just moved their office to Bangkok, provides insight into the celebrated Norwegian seafood trade and its sustainable practices.

Then, let us whisk you away and pamper your senses with our lifestyle stories – offering suggestions as to where to take your next holiday and indulge in fine cuisine. Our regular contributor, Dave Stamboulis, takes us to the alluring Galápagos Islands to experience their unique landscape and wildlife. New to our team, Oliver Hargreave, takes us to our dear neighbour, Laos, where he tells how you can also explore this dreamy destination on two wheels.

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