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Have You Ever Become Good Friends With Someone Who You Couldn’t Imagine To Befriend With?

Have You Ever Become Good Friends With Someone Who You Couldn’t Imagine To Befriend With?

I always believe that birds of a feather flock together. That’s why, in every school, we see people with similar characteristics hang out together such as beautiful chicks or smurf gangs (that all members are short in height). However, people who are utterly different from you might surprisingly turn out to be very good friends. They might even introduce you to an unknown world and teach you some life lessons you couldn’t have learned from your current surroundings. Today I pick up three films that talk about unlikely yet beautiful friendship.


1. The Bucket list (rated 7.4 by imdb.com)

The Buckets list is a 2007 American comedy-drama film. The film interestingly talks about unlikely friendship between two people from different financial status. The main plot follows two terminally-ill men. One is a blue-collar mechanic named Carter Chambers; other is a billionaire head of a healthcare company named Edward Cole. Even though it seems impossible for them to become friends; but their friendship beautifully develops as they both undergo their treatments for cancer.

Before Carter "kicks the bucket”, he is encouraged by Edward to follow his “bucket list”. The list includes an around-the-world adventure such as race car driving, skydiving and climbing the Pyramids. During this crazy road trip, the pair shares their suffering in life and starts to heal each other.

Unfortunately, Carter can’t defeat cancer. At Carter’s funeral, Edward delivers a eulogy reflecting their beautiful friendship “The last months of his life (Carter’s) were the best months of mine (Edward’s). He saved my life and he knew it before I did.” Apart from being overwhelmed with this warm-hearted friendship, watching this film will make you realize how precious your life is!


2. The Intouchables (rated 8.6 by imdb.com)

The Intouchables is a 2011 French film based on true story. The film recounts an unlikely friendship between a physically normal person and a quadriplegic on wheelchair. The main plot follows an exceedingly wealthy quadriplegic named Philippe who is in search of his live-in personal care attendant. Driss is a disrespectful immigrant from Africa with jailed history. Of course, of many candidates, it is unbelievable that Driss is selected to be Phillipe’s helper.

What makes Driss different from other helpers is that he does not treat Philippe with pity or compassion, but as an equal. For example, Driss offers him cigarette when Philippe’s physical symptom tortures him or encourages Philippe to date a girl despite his disability. Although it might seem inappropriate for a patient like him, that’s, paradoxically, exactly what Philippe wants from his helper—no pity!

As Driss accompanies Philippe in every moment of his life, they discover with astonishment a true friendship. When Driss needs to leave Philippe to take care of his family, the tycoon realizes that his life is less fun without this endearing carer. Watch this feel-good film and be delightfully insouciant!


3. The help (rated 8.1 by imdb.com)

The Help is a 2011 American period drama film. The film sets in Mississippi during the 1960s when strong racism towards black people is everywhere. Among hatred, an unlikely friendship between a white and a black unfolds.

Skeeter Phelan, a white 23-year-old recent college graduate who is determined to become a writer, decides to interview African-American maids in the South about how they spend their lives taking care of the white employers and their perspective towards them.

At the beginning, Skeeter initiates this project for the sakes of writing. But the more she digs down, the more she discovers how unfair treatment white people give to the black. This is when she realizes her book might be a weapon for change.

The African-American maid who collaborates in her project is Aibileen Clark. She has spent her life as a nanny, raising little white girls. Although she genuinely gives them her love, once these little girls grow up, they have a tendency to discriminate her just like their mothers.

The film is exciting as Skeeter and Abileen come into opposition with the community’s belief. Watch how unlikely friendships create as they fight together for black people’s right to live equally!