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Three Recommended Halal Restaurants In Internet Users’ Heart

Three Recommended Halal Restaurants In Internet Users’ Heart

Religions brings human diversity in every facets of life. The place where the mixture of differences can get along together is usually rich in its culture. Food is regarded as a part of this culture. From Roti and Mataba, Oxtail soup to Chicken Biryani Rice or Kao Mok Gai, Halal or Islamic cuisine has allowed food lovers to enjoy unique recipe and ingredients. Elite+ gets three of the best halal cuisine in Bangkok from suggestions given along bloggers and internet browsers. It’s the time to feed your rumbling stomach with superb choices of Isalmic food.


Home Cuisine Islamic Restaurant

Clear enough in itself what kind of food you can try here. Islamic Restaurant provides savory and rich-in-spices halal recipe derived from the Southern India. The best-selling dishes that you should not miss include goat biryani rice, deep-fried beef, curry noodle and spotted mackerel curry. Apart from the delicate texture of goat meat that can go well with the biryani rice cooked with saffron, we can select chicken, fish or shrimp as your alternative options.

Not only local halal lovers, the food of this restaurant has become well-known among Muslim expats and diplomatic circles. Home Cuisine Islamic Restaurant is selected as one of those who host reception dinners for Malaysian Embassy in Bangkok.

Decorated with classic furniture, the owner turned an antique green house into a lovely restaurant. It opens every day from 11 am to 10pm except Sunday that will open only in the evening from 6 pm to 10 pm. It is situated at no. 186 Soi Charoenkung 36, nearby Assumption College and the Embassy of France.


Sinthorn Steakhouse

Located on Ramkamhaeng Road, Sinthorn Steakhouse is the mixture of Thai, Chinese, European and Arabic cuisine. The most favorite dish of this restaurant can be nothing but beef steak served in hot plate ad BBQ buffet. As the paradise of meat lover, deep-fried chicken drums marinated with milk is the must menu of Sinthorn Steakhouse. However, if you find this is not exciting enough, Arabic menu might be an alternative that makes you hungry. The Arabic menu includes grinded sesame salad, Mediterranean grilled lamb and fasolia curry with beef and beans. The food portion here is widely-known as huge. Yet its price is amazingly reasonable.

To guarantee its authentic halal procedure, the restaurant was certified by the Central Islamic Council of Thailand. Sinthorn Steakhouse is located in No 3331/2 Ramkamhaeng Road, between Soi 85 and Soi 87, near Lam Sali Intersection in Huamark, Bangkapi. It opens daily from 11am to 1pm. Let’s browse on http://www.sinthornsteakhouse.com/en/ for more details.


Jirapan Restaurant

From a grilled chicken franchise 73 years ago, nowadays Jirapan has established two branches of the restaurants in Rama 9 and Sukhabhibhal 3. Grilled chicken which is marinated in Islamic style with cumin and turmeric roots could be nothing but the forever-must menu of this. Other recommended menu is beef satay, beef broth, chicken biryani rice and Mataba or roti stuffed with chicken and eggs. The restaurant opens daily from 8.30 to 10pm. Enter this link http://www.jeerapan.com/th/main/index.php and find the nearest branch of Jirapan restaurant to try!