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Bangkok Bank Organises Young Director Season 2 Project

Bangkok Bank Organises Young Director Season 2 Project

Bangkok Bank invites the young generation to create content promoting tourism in 8 secondary provinces and join special courses with 8 famous directors for the Young Director Season 2 project, to stimulate sustainable and evenly distributed growth


Bangkok Bank extended the success of the Young Director project with the launch of its second season, inviting Thais to create content promoting tourism in eight secondary provinces aiming to stimulate sustainable economic growth for communities and evenly distribute income nationwide. The Bank is providing the young generation an opportunity to learn directly from eight professional directors and produce a short film to compete for the Young Director award with a total prize of more than 800,000 baht.


Bangkok Bank Director and Senior Executive Vice President and Corporate Secretary Kobsak Pootrakool

said last year Bangkok Bank organized the “Favorite Dish, Secret Episode” project inviting Thais to create content to promote local dishes and restaurants in communities nationwide. The finalists got an opportunity to learn how to make a professional short film from five famous directors through practical and intensive courses, before one of them emerged as Thailand's first Young Director. The event was well-received with more than 300 participating teams. More importantly, the project promoted local restaurants to the public.



To continue the project, Bangkok Bank has launched the second season of the Young Director Award project, inviting students and the general public interested in producing content to create films to promote local community tourism and products. This is another way to strengthen local economies, particularly across the eight secondary cities of Lamphun, Phitsanulok, Roi Et, Buriram, Chainat, Chanthaburi, Nakhon Si Thammrat and Trang, all of which have unique cultures, though widely unknown. The project also serves as a good opportunity for the young generation to learn about all aspects of filmmaking from veteran film directors which can help them advance in their filmmaking career paths.


The project is divided into three rounds. The first round invites students and the general public to set up a team of three and submit the synopsis of a short film that is five minutes long. The synopsis must include the theme and concept of the film and must not be over two A4 pages long. Judges will select 25 teams to go to the second round, from which they will get to participate in the Young Director courses to learn about filmmaking. In this round, the teams will present their short film and the judges will select eight teams to go to the next round.


In the 3rd and final round, finalists will have a chance to join a masterclass session in creating short films with eight famous directors, namely Mr. Prachya Pinkaew, director of Tom Yum Goong; Kongkiat Khomsiri, director of Khun Phan; Mr. Tanwarin Sukkhapisit, director of Moments of Love; Mr. Yanyong Kuruangkura, director of Back to the 90s; Mr. Pattana Chirawong, director of The Caved Life; Mr. Ping Lumpapleang, director of Loveaholic; Mr. Khomkrit Treewimol, director of The Bedside Detective; and the directoral team from Thaibaan The Series. After the training, all eight teams will receive an assignment to create a short film to promote tourism in eight secondary provinces. The film will enter a short film competition for 2023 to win the second “Young Director” award and the “Golden Bualuang” award as well as prizes totaling 800,000 baht. All films will be presented via the Bank’s online channels to help promote Thailand’s secondary provinces.


“The economy is now continuously recovering, especially for the tourism sector which will be back to normal soon, so we would like to promote tourism in wider areas, beyond major provinces. In this project, we would like to invite those interested in creating content to promote tourism in secondary cities to help drive the economy at the community level for long-term sustainability. Meanwhile, this project is an opportunity for those interested in making films, especially students who like this type of work, as they can learn and gain experience from leading Thai directors. This will be beneficial to their education and careers in the future,” said Mr. Kobsak.



Mr. Nonzee Nimibutr, as a representative and coordinator of Young Director Award Season 2, said that he was very pleased and honored that Bangkok Bank trusted him to be a part of the project. "The “Young Director” training course provides knowledge and experience to the new generation and those interested in film directing. It is a platform for those interested in making short films, especially students who have a passion in filmmaking, who can gain experiences from famous directors. It is a rare opportunity for them to learn from practical work and to freely present their creativity including interesting visual, editing and camera angles, as well as fresh ideas from their generation. I believe that this project will help promote creative work to the public and project participants will be able to use the knowledge for their future careers.”


“A source of pride for the directors and team members in this project is an opportunity to pass knowledge and experience about filmmaking to new generations who are interested and have the potential to become an important force in the film industry in the future. At the same time, we also have an opportunity to participate in creating new content to promote tourism in secondary provinces to stimulate the economy of local communities and Thailand as a whole for sustainable growth. I’m confident that everyone is fully committed and ready to devote themselves to this project,” said Mr. Nonzee.


Those interested in the Young Director Award can get more information from Facebook: Young Director Award ผู้กำกับน้อย

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