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Mythical Dream, A Trio Exhibition Curated By Madskills At True Digital Park

Mythical Dream, A Trio Exhibition Curated By Madskills At True Digital Park

Photos credits to True Digital Park

True Digital Park, ASEAN’s largest tech and startup hub, collaborates with Madskills, an international artist incubator based in Bangkok, to showcase works from three rising star Thai artists, chronicling tales of relentless pursuit of dreams coming from new generations and startups.

The three artists featured are Rungnapha Kamoi (Bluepalete), Suphaporn Chaosuan (Kratai Dudu) and Arnon Neiysoongoen (Cheese Arnon). They introduce their interpretations of four mythical creatures: Unicorns, Griffins, Phoenixes and Pegasus. With their take on their original characters, the artists represent tales of overcoming challenges, triumphs and indomitable spirits through diverse mediums using canvas paintings, prints and sculptures to tell inspiring stories. 

Dr. Tharit Nimmanwuttipong, general manager of True Digital Park, explained that the use of four legendary creatures done by three artists is based on the names of True Digital Park buildings presented in a modern art format that seamlessly blends with the startup world.

Pichaya Viwatrujirapong, Managing Director of Madskills, who curated the show shared that the artworks created by Cheese Arnon, Bluepalete and Kratai Dudu all offer their distinctive styles for viewers to enjoy. “We juxtaposed various intriguing aspects of mythical creatures with the narratives of journeys and growth of the new generation, who strive, persevere and seek success, akin to startups pursuing their dreams with vigor and indomitable spirits,” he said. 


Visitors can view the trio exhibition for free at True Digital Park, TDPK Studio 1 on the second floor, located near BTS Punnawithi from March 9 until June 9 between 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.