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Health, Sun And Love Radio

Health, Sun And Love Radio


The radio show took fans on a musical wellness adventure to Koh Samui


I usually travel on my own, so it was exciting to be able to participate on a tour to Koh Samui with 30 people I had not met before. As I skimmed the programme, I could tell that it would be a special trip, with activities designed for personal health, including body massage, steam sauna and sand therapy on the beach. It was obvious the organisers were promoting the concept of both physical and spiritual health. The tour group was also accompanied by a band that would play concerts on the beach during our stay. Imagining the trip made it hard for me to fall asleep in the days leading up to it.


The trip to Koh Samui in Surat Thani province was organised by Love Radio in cooperation with Bangkok Airways and Natural Wing Health Spa and Resort. 104.5 Love Radio, directed by Vice Admiral Kridkamol Kiratibutr and Thanasorn Kiratibutr, broadcasts every Saturday and Sunday from 6pm to midnight. Thanasorn Kiratibutr, known among fans as DJ Pinky, helped clarify the outing’s objective to Elite+. The trip would allow fans of 104.5 to have a chance to meet on a trip together. Organizers hoped the 30 participants would enjoy the natural attractions and relaxing activities, and Natural Wing Health Spa and Resort provided accommodation that fit the concept of physical and spiritual health.


The trip was also intended to help promote tourist attractions in Thailand. The Kingdom has many fantastic places to explore, from beaches, waterfalls and jungle trekking to valuable culture and history that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. For Thais it is also a cheaper and easier option than travelling abroad.


The journey began on Friday morning by Bangkok Airways flight from Suvarnabhumi Airport. Bangkok Airways has exclusivity for flights to Samui, as they own the island’s only airport. On arrival we were driven by van to Natural Wing Health Spa and Resort and given a warm welcome.


Guests were offered a body massage with coconut oil and later brought in for a herbal sauna programme in the steam room. You could see relaxation seep into the faces of the participants.


The programme of the first night culminated in a workshop on how to practise acupressure therapy by applying local herbs and coconut oil. Participants could later try the massage by themselves at home. There was also a meditation course giving tips on how to live mindfully and avoid daily sorrows and stress – also useful to apply to everyday life after participants returned home.


Activities on the second day began at 6am, when we were welcomed to the beach by the warm morning sunlight to do exercises adapted from yoga to train body and mind.


Later we were brought to attractions around Koh Samui by four-wheel drive. With the vehicle equipped with iron railings and participants required to fasten seatbelts, it was apparent that we were in for an adventure. We first visited three temples, where we could pay respect to Buddha statues and make wishes for good fortune. Then we stopped at one of Samui’s best known landmarks, Hin Ta Hin Yai, at Lamai Beach. These rock formations have long amazed visitors, as they resemble human genitalia. The enigmatic shapes were formed by the natural erosion of granite by sea, wind and sunlight.


Later we were brought to a scenic spot on a high mountain surrounded by Chaweng and Lamai beaches, with a 360-degree view of the sea. It is one of the best places on the island to see the sunrise or take a memorable photo back home.


On the last night, the resort turned the beach into a space for our farewell dinner party. Under the moonlight, 30 participants enjoyed fresh seafood and traditional southern food. The well-presented dishes were intended to represent the uniqueness of southern tradition, simple yet sharp and colourful with spices, with the spiciness adjusted to a moderate level so we could taste the delicacy of the food. The stage for the band had been set up again, creating a pleasant musical backdrop. Most of the songs played were from the ’70s, matching the favourite genre of Love 104.5 fans.