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Ukrainian Embassy Unveils Art Exhibition In Downtown Bangkok

Ukrainian Embassy Unveils Art Exhibition In Downtown Bangkok

The Ukrainian Embassy in Bangkok has unveiled an exhibition of ‘hidden’ images by modern optical illusion artist Oleg Shupliak at the popular downtown Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. The Imaginarium exhibition runs from 02 to 14 October on the centre’s fourth and fifth floors, and puts on show scores of the famous Ukrainian’s paintings created using a unique style that he has been developing for over 25 years.

That technique primarily involves disguising portraits within larger depictions of figures and landscapes. Shupliak works with media including paintings, photography, graphics, illustration, and animation. One example is a painting of what appears to be a woman seated in front of a white tablecloth – at least from up close. Step back from the frame, and the work can also be seen as a portrait of Salvador Dali.

“Oleg Shupliak’s optical illusions will compel you to stare at them for a long time, not because of how brilliantly they are created, but because what each illusion contains,” say organisers. “Concealed within the beautiful surroundings of nature, hides a picture of a face.

“At times, the face of a person is so craftily hidden that finding it may prove difficult for some. Do not give up. Keep staring at the picture, and you will see a face transform before your eyes. If it were not for Oleg Shuplyak’s creative mind, his talents of moulding art into neatly created illusions would have been lost to us.”

The exhibition follows the showcase of Ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk’s work at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre in October last year, which formed part of celebrations marking 25 years of relations between Ukraine and Thailand.