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Bangkok Bank Launches Be1st Digital Debit Card

Bangkok Bank Launches Be1st Digital Debit Card

Bangkok Bank launched Be1st Digital debit card offering security and confidence for every online purchase. It is easy to apply for the card using the Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking application and can be used instantly. The card provides high security, is available as both a physical and digital card, has a unique design, as is ideal for debit card users who look for convenience, speed and value. The card is being launched during Money Expo 2022 with three offers of fee waivers and online discount codes worth more than 2,3000 baht.


Bangkok Bank Launches Be1st Digital Debit Card


Bangkok Bank Executive Vice President and Credit Card Division Manager Shoke Na Ranong revealed that Be1st Digital has been designed under the concept of Be Secure and Confident with Every Online Purchase, targeting young people who enjoy keeping up with trends, updating their lifestyles on social media and online shopping. The Be1st Digital debit card is easy to apply via the Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking application and can be used immediately to make online purchases at local and international merchants. The card can be linked conveniently to e-wallets such as Rabbit LINE Pay, Google Pay and Dolphin Wallet.


Apart from the convenience of making an online application and being able to instantly use the Be1st Digital debit card, a physical debit card attached to the digital card account is also available. The physical EMV Chip card has a contactless function and doesn’t show the debit card information such as CVC/CVN or expiry date for enhanced security. Only the cardholder’s name and last name appear on the card. The physical card is also an ATM card. Using it with a six-digit PIN, customers can deposit, withdraw and transfer money via any bank’s ATM. The card can be used to withdraw cash and make payments overseas provided the name on the card matches the customers’ name on their passport. During the launch period, the physical card will be provided for all customers who apply for the Be1st Digital debit card and will be delivered to their given address. Customers can choose to enable or disable the card, set a transaction limit, set a purchase limit, and cancel the card 24 hours a day.


Bangkok Bank Launches Be1st Digital Debit Card


“The Be1st Digital debit card is aimed at the young generation, first jobbers and customers who enjoy a digital lifestyle including making online payments. The card provides convenience and value. The Future Shopper Report 2021 by Wunderman Thompson Thailand revealed that Thai consumers lead the global trend of online shopping with 94% compared with the global average of 72% which is in line with the Thailand Digital Stats 2022. At the same time, around 26.1% of Thai consumers are concerned about financial data leakage. Therefore, the Be1st Digital debit card can provide convenience and confidence as it eases concerns about financial data security”


Mr. Shoke added that there is an international trend to use debit card to pay for goods and services via online channels and in Thailand. It has been growing every year for the past six years. Debit card payments to online merchants in 2021 were ten times higher than 2016, while the transaction value was 6.2 times higher.  Among the outstanding points of the Be1st Digital card, customers can apply for the card online via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking and use it immediately to make online payments. This solves a pain point of customers who are still worried about data security in the online world and will help them to be more confident. Be1st Digital debit card is expected to be the best debit card that meets the needs of debit card customers. In 2022, the Bank aims to acquire 1.5 million new debit cardholders in addition to the existing 10 million debit cards. The Bank also plans to collaborate with many leading partners to continually offer more privileges to Be1st Digital debit card customers.


Gulf-Kanawut Traipipatpong


Gulf-Kanawut Traipipatpong, a young talented actor who is a presenter of Be1st Digital debit card said: This card really fits my lifestyle as I play online games and can use this card to regularly buy items in games conveniently and securely. It also fits my online shopping lifestyle as I mostly buy things online from merchants domestically and internationally. Since I have to work almost every day, I don’t have time to go to shops or department stores, so, I shop online when I’m free. I’m more confident in making payments with the Be1st Digital card for both direct payments and using the card with the e-wallet which is convenient and secure and I can make payments immediately without having to waste time picking a card and filling in information.


“Even though I shop online a lot, I’m very cautious about security. The platform I shop on must be reliable so I get what I order. Data security is important too for both personal data and card data that is used for payment. Bangkok Bank’s Be1st Digital card meets my needs on these points and gives me peace of mind when I shop and make payment. I believe many people have a similar lifestyle as me. So, I recommend the Be1st Digital debit card which can meet your needs the same way it meets mine,” said the young actor


Be1st Digital debit card was launched on May 12, 2022 at Money Expo 2022. Customers applying for Be1st Digital during May 12 – August 31, 2022, will get both the digital card and a physical card together with many privileges: 1. Get waiver for card fee of 400 baht 2. Receive a 300 baht discount from Shopee, simply claim the discount at the ‘Lifestyle and offers’ menu on the Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking application and 3. Receive a special code each month when reaching the required spending amount. The special codes are 100 baht for GrabFood, 80 baht for Grab. You will also get extra discounts for GrabFood or Grab of 150 baht when paying with the card via GrabPay for the first time and cash back of 100 baht for True Money Wallet. Total privileges are 2,300 baht (The Bank and companies’ conditions apply)


Interested persons can apply for the Be1st Digital debit card easily by themselves via the Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking application. For more information, please visit www.bangkokbank.com/Be1stDigital or call Bualuang Phone 1333 or 0 2645 5555.

By Public Relations Department