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Message Of HE Tumur Amarsanaa, Ambassador Of Mongolia To The Kingdom Of Thailand On Our National Day - Naadam Festival

Message Of HE Tumur Amarsanaa, Ambassador Of Mongolia To The Kingdom Of Thailand  On Our National Day - Naadam Festival

Message of HE Tumur Amarsanaa, Ambassador of Mongolia to the Kingdom of Thailand 
on our National Day - Naadam Festival

    On behalf of the Embassy of Mongolia, I extend my heartfelt greetings to all our friends in Thailand on the occasion of our National Day, known as the Naadam Festival. This cherished festival, deeply rooted in Mongolia's rich history and culture, celebrates our heritage and national identity.

    Naadam, often called the "Three Manly Games", features traditional wrestling, horse racing and archery, which have been integral to our national spirit for centuries. These events showcase our athletes’ physical prowess and skills as well as symbolizes the Mongolian people’s enduring strength, courage and unity.

    This year's Naadam celebration is a moment for Mongolians to reflect on our historical legacy and cultural identity as it also gives us the opportunity to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation with our international partners. Among these valued partners, Thailand holds a special place, as this year we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations. The relationship between Mongolia and Thailand has grown steadily over the years, marked by mutual respect, shared interests and a commitment to enhancing bilateral ties.

    The friendship between Mongolia and Thailand extends beyond diplomatic engagements; it encompasses trade, cultural exchanges and educational partnerships. Both nations have consistently supported each other in regional and international forums, fostering a spirit of collaboration and mutual advancement. Our growing economic relations, highlighted by increasing trade and investment opportunities, are a testament to the potential between our two nations.

     Cultural exchanges have played a pivotal role in bringing our people closer together. Thai culture is highly regarded in Mongolia, and we have seen a reciprocal appreciation for Mongolian culture in Thailand. This exchange of cultural values enriches our societies, promoting understanding and goodwill.

   May the spirit of the Naadam Festival inspire us all to strive for excellence, unity and peace. 

Happy Naadam!

Warm regards,

Tumur Amarsanaa
Ambassador of Mongolia to the Kingdom of Thailand