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Gastronomy To Dine For : Iron Chef Table

Gastronomy To Dine For : Iron Chef Table

Iron Chef Table

An all-star collaborative effort of “iron chefs” who have appeared on the daytime competitive television show Iron Chef Thailand, Iron Chef Table combines the glamour of studio sets with top-notch modernist techniques. The open kitchen allows diners to see the action as the staff carefully and swiftly prepare their food. What you get on the menu is real dishes that have been made in past episodes of Iron Chef Thailand (with a few tweaks and changes), and you get to hear their stories and inspirations and fi nally savour the food like you are one of the judges of the show.

Diners can expect to see luxury ingredients like foie gras, wagyu beef or lobster on the menu, which has a striking touch of fi ne dining with creativity and infl uences from molecular gastronomy – evoking oohs and ahs from even the most seasoned bon vivants. Dining at Iron Chef Table is a fun experience that cannot be found elsewhere. Whether you are a fan of the television show or a passionate foodie, a seat by the Iron Chef Table kitchen offers an intense, entertaining ride – and a full stomach.


Address: 231 Sukhumvit Soi 55, Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel: 0-2712-5473
Website: www.facebook.com/ironcheftable
Opening hours: Lunch: 11am-2pm, dinner: 5pm-midnight