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Embark On A Journey Into The Heart Of Cardamom Rainforest With ‘Call Of The Cardamoms’ Group Exhibition

Embark On A Journey Into The Heart Of Cardamom Rainforest With ‘Call Of The Cardamoms’ Group Exhibition


W Bangkok is currently hosting a month-long group art exhibition, ‘Call of the Cardamoms’, at The House on Sathorn aimed at raising funds for rainforest conservation. 

The Call of the Cardamoms is based on the Cardamom Rainforests located between southwest Cambodia and southeast Thailand. Home to diverse native species such as langurs, slow lorises, mongooses and gibbons,the region’s rich flora and fauna are threatened by illegal logging, poaching and climate change. An important ecosystem, it is one of the few remaining green lungs of Southeast Asia.  

The group exhibition is led by Bill Bensley, a renowned architect, interior and landscape designer who has designed luxurious resorts, urban developments and private residences in 200 locations worldwide. Since 2007, Bill, as a self-taught artist, started painting and developed a fauvist style, his work filled with stories and bursting with beautiful bold colours in delightful forms, often a touch of humour. 

For this particular exhibition, Bill collaborated with Baker-McGuire, a US-based luxury furniture manufacturer to create a new furniture collection titled “WILD” with 12 pieces inspired by the wildlife in the Cardamom Rainforest. Bill also worked with Thailand’s Jim Thompson luxury brand that specialises in Thai silk making to create a new collection of curtains, upholstery and throws based on Bill’s artwork that will be on display in this group exhibition.

Other artists and galleries currently on view include: 

Kate Spencer, an artist from Yorkshire, currently living in St. Kitts, presenting her collection of colourful oil paintings and charcoal drawings inspired from vibrant colours and soft shapes seen in the Caribbean seas she lives closely to.

Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch, a famous Thai ceramic sculpture artist known for his thoughtful works that challenge people’s perception of reality and surrealism with a touch of humour and irony on display. 

Underwood Factory Phuket, led by John Underwood, presents furniture and homeware items made from discarded materials to reflect eco-friendly and sustainable designs.

Trey Hurst, a US visual artist and designer residing in Bangkok is known for his bold abstract paintings. The work on display is based on patterns seen from man-made buildings, along with the lines and grids of urban infrastructures that contrast with nature. He is also known for his abstract ink and watercolour drawings on hand-made Saa paper.   

Mook Ploenchan Vinyaratn fuses traditional Thai weaving techniques with contemporary designs to create textile art that evokes several feelings. 

Aubrey Kurlansky designed silk scarves to raise awareness of the pangolin, the most trafficked animal in the region as well as pieces based on animals living in the Cardamom Rainforests such as gaurs, sunbears and clouded leopards.  

Palat Studio & P4 Space is a construction company and furniture producer whose work is created by Palat Charoenthaitawee. For this group exhibition, he presents furniture inspired by Cardamom wildlife, blending European grandeur with Asian sophistication in elegance and intricate design.

Eric Raisina, a fashion designer based in Siem Reap, Cambodia, he introduces traditional Madagascan textiles techniques with contemporary fashion trends to create lively and luxurious haute culture art pieces. 

Bruce Pashak  is a Canadian artist that brings viewers into the world of abstract anti-narratives by using a combination of imagery, text and technology to create thought-provoking art forms that challenge conventional views.

A portion of the proceeds generated from this group exhibition will directly support the Shinta Mani Foundation in Cambodia, a foundation that specialises in supporting rainforest conservation and wildlife protection along with empowering rural Cambodian communities. This project will directly contribute to the preservation, protection and conservation of the Cardamom Rainforests. 

All works are now on display at The House on Sathorn, W Bangkok from 6 to 31 May, noon to 6 pm daily. 


Photos courtesy of W Bangkok 

Information provided by W Bangkok


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