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Thaibev's Leading Vision

Thaibev's Leading Vision

Thai Beverage Public Company Limited released the vision of being leading comprehensive beverage producer and the clarification of the business turnover and the overall operation of the 1st two years under Vision 2020 at Ballroom room, Rajpruek Club.  The business and the vision 2020 are processed and leaded by the biggest boss of Thai Beverage Mr. Thapana Sirivadhanabhakdi, Group CEO-Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, Mr. Prapakon Thongtheppairot, CEO-Spirit Product Group, Mr. Neo Kim Soon Edmond, CEO-Beer Product Group, Mr. Vivek Chhabra, CEO-NAB Thailand and President Sermsuk, Mr. Kosit Suksingha, EVP and Chief Supply Chain Management, and Dr. Agapol Na Songkhla, EVP and Chief People Office.  


According to the speech of Mr. Thapana Sirivadhanabhakdi, Group CEO-Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, that “Thai Beverage has the strong aim in 5 imperative strategies under Vision 2020 or called “ThaiBev’s strategic roadmap for the next six year (2014-2020)” which already released in 2014. It underpins sales and profits progressively to the business as well as it could drive the firm to become the leading comprehensive beverage producer in ASEAN region. 


The first strategic roadmap is Growth, to productively grow, ThaiBev aims to solidify itself as the largest and most profitable beverage company in Southeast Asia. The company seeks to provide customers with better products from the existing products on hands and the opportunities from partners and marketing platform. The second is Diversity, ThaiBev plans to diversify its revenue streams, increasing revenue contribution from non-alcoholic beverages and the sale of products to Myanmar, Vietnam and Philippine. Moreover, the company is now expanding its business into food line called “Food of Asia” which it cooperates with Mei-Xin (International) Limited under Maxim’s Group. Maxim’s Group is remarked as the leading restaurant operator in Hong Kong since it is the pioneer on “MX Cakes & Bakery” franchise and the first MX Cakes & Bakery branch in Thailand is at Siam Paragon. 


Next is Brand, Brand is to identify core brands within each by streamlining its businesses into various product groups and responding customers with quality, label, taste, and price of products. Also expanding the business via a consumer- and market- driven approach. 


The fourth strategic roadmap is Reach, to build on its market leading businesses and supply chains to strengthen existing distribution networks, establish new ones, and also enter into partnerships with third-party distributors. Furthermore, “Kosana Hai Tueng Jai Kai Hai Tueng Tua” (impressing with commercial, reaching by direct sale) is the heart of ThaiBev to further the success. ThaiBev recently releases new soda product under new name “Rock Mountain” and the company has improved “Blend 285” (spirit product) into a better version as applying new innovations to fit the market. 


The last strategic roadmap of Vision 2020 is Professionalism, to have a diverse and high performance workforce, and that the teams behind all product groups work together seamlessly, as well as to further strengthening in its long term potentials.


We as the Thai Beverage, run businesses by emphasizing on being responsible to the society and sustaining our market share by introducing our Thai spirit products to Asean countries starting from Myanmar, Vietnam, and Philippine. Additionally, we just launch “Rock Mountain”, new soda product which is produced under the World Standard Quality Control so that it could smoothly mix with American spirit products” added Mr. Prapakon Thongtheppairot, CEO-Spirit Product Group. 


Said Mr. Neo Kim Soon Edmond, CEO-Beer Product Group, “Since we changed “Chang” beer packaging into green bottle, we have gained market share by 40%. As the result of this, we aim to be number one brand of Thailand within the year of 2020 so that we keep continuing on improving taste, package, products, and marketing mix. In the previous year, “Chang” beer had 4 imperative strategies for a better change.”

  • Product: “Chang” has been improved both inside and outside, especially the taste and innovation of packaging. Also “Chang” is claimed by IPSOS in Brand Equity category that new packaging of Chang beer strongly respond to customers because of the reflections of freshness, modernity, and premium quality of product. 
  • Partner: We have been improved on our productions and distribution networks. 
  • People: We trust on our high performance workforce and we believe that this is the heart of driving the business productively. 


“In previous year, we have been concentrated on non-alcoholic beverage and we are now ready to introduce and launch non-alcoholic beverage to all market targets. Also this year, Dr. Pisanu has already invested and expanded the quality and quantity of productions to serve all our targets. said Mr. Vivek Chhabra, CEO-NAB Thailand and President Sermsuk.  Said Mr. Kosit Suksingha, EVP and Chief Supply Chain Management, “We believe that having comprehensive products on hands is the core key to further the success. Also having intensive innovation of distribution networks is the main part of completing Vision 2020.


Last but not least, said Dr. Agapol Na Songkhla, EVP and Chief People Office, “To complete Vision 2020, ThaiBev is like to use “Limitless Opportunity” strategy to improve the organization. Recently, Thai Beverage is selected to be “Thailand Top Employer” from 1,500 people polls.  Consequently, the whole story of Thai Beverage Public Company Limited clearly shows that the company can possibly be the number one leading comprehensive beverage producer in Thailand and Asia within 2020.