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Ministry Of Roasters: A Haven For Coffee Aficionados

Ministry Of Roasters: A Haven For Coffee Aficionados

Nestled in the heart of Chang Moi Road in Chiang Mai, Ministry of Roasters stands for the artistry and passion behind coffee. A cafe that commands attention with its striking white exterior and intriguing moniker. This alluring establishment beckons passers-by to venture inside, enticing them to explore and uncover the secrets within.

The Ministry of Roasters at Chang Moi marks the second chapter of expansion from its initial roots in Bangkok at Phra Khanong Road, Sukhumvit. But this is slightly different than its Bangkok headquarters. This unique establishment seamlessly combines a café and roasting lab, creating a space where coffee enthusiasts can enjoy a sensory journey of flavours and aromas. Founded by a pair of architecture graduates with an insatiable love for coffee, the Ministry of Roasters sets itself apart by embracing a comprehensive approach that extends from the meticulous selection of coffee beans to the intricate roasting process. This dedication to excellence has garnered the Ministry of Roasters numerous accolades on both the global and local fronts.

Stepping into the café reveals a thoughtful design concept known as MoR (Ministry of Roasters). The aim is clear – to immerse customers in a multi-sensory experience that engages all five senses: taste, smell, sight, sound and touch. The distinctive wave-pattern facade that graces the shop’s entrance and the ceiling installation serve a purpose beyond aesthetics. Symbolizing the dynamic changes in temperature, time and energy during the various stages of coffee roasting, these design elements encapsulate the essence of the café’s commitment to the artistry of coffee.


The roots of Ministry of Roasters trace back to the founders’ university days when late-night study sessions fuelled by coffee inspired them to delve deeper into the world of coffee production. Their quest for knowledge led them to explore coffee plantations across the globe, instilling in them not only a passion for coffee, but also a philosophical understanding of its essence.


At Ministry of Roasters, the focus is on roasting and extraction, with a skilled team of baristas who have earned accolades in various coffee contests. The café’s commitment to quality extends beyond its borders, with some products exported to discerning customers in Dubai and Taiwan.

Ministry of Roasters has devised its own classification of coffee, offering patrons a diverse range of flavours. From the spicy and savoury Laos washed coffee to the balanced and sweet Brazilian natural coffee, each cup tells a unique story. The carefully curated classes of coffee such as Palad, with its colourful and fruity notes, provide a spectrum of taste experiences for coffee aficionados.


Upon entering the Ministry of Roasters on Chang Moi Road, one is immediately greeted by the enticing aroma of coffee beans that permeates the entire café. What sets this establishment apart is not only its commitment to exceptional coffee, but also its unique approach to coffee classification, a methodical system that defines and categorizes the diverse flavours within their offerings.


The first classification, aptly named “People (S),” is characterized by the Laos washed coffee base, imparting a distinctive taste of spice and savoury notes. This particular coffee boasts a bittersweet profile with a hint of spiciness and a robust body, making it an ideal choice for espresso.

Moving on to the “Official (B)” class, Ministry of Roasters crafts a balanced and sweet flavour using Brazilian natural coffee. This second classification caters to those seeking a harmonious blend of flavours, making it a delightful option for coffee enthusiasts, especially those who like lattes and cappuccinos.


The “Director class (B)” constitutes the third classification, offering a taste profile that is both balanced and sweet, making it versatile for various coffee blends. This selection is tailored for those who appreciate a well-rounded and satisfying coffee experience.


The fourth class, known as “Palad coffee (C)”, introduces a vibrant and fruity taste using Chiang Rai local coffee. Best enjoyed as black coffee or caffé americano, this classification delivers an intriguing blend of sweetness, juiciness and a hint of wine-like richness best for Americano.


In the fifth category, “Akantuka (F&C&B)”, Ministry of Roasters utilizes Colombian, Brazilian and Ethiopian coffee as the base. This results in a flavour profile that is simultaneously juicy, sweet and well-balanced, showcasing the artistry of blending different coffee varieties.


The highest echelon of Ministry of Roasters coffee offerings caters to the connoisseurs of specialty coffee. The “Minister class (F)” exudes freshness and floral notes derived from Ethiopian Anaerobic Natural coffee beans, providing a delightful and bright acidity that appeals to discerning palates.


Another distinguished offering is the “Palad’s Wife coffee”, crafted from a blend of Costa Rican and Ethiopian anaerobic coffee. This exquisite creation combines floral, juicy and complex flavours in a small but profoundly satisfying serving, appealing to those with a refined taste for specialty coffee.


In essence, Ministry of Roasters’ unique coffee classification transforms the act of sipping coffee into a deliberate and curated experience. Each class offers a distinctive flavour profile, allowing patrons to explore and appreciate the nuances of coffee in a way that transcends the ordinary café experience.


The café offers various seating zones, each catering to different preferences. Whether you seek an intimate coffee-tasting experience in the Cupping Zone or a peaceful work environment in the Slow Zone, Ministry of Roasters ensures that patrons find their ideal spot. The Roasting Zone, with its specialised machinery and equipment, stands as a commitment to achieving a memorable aroma through meticulous roasting.


For those eager to recreate the Ministry of Roasters experience at home, the café offers a selection of over 30 flavours of coffee beans and a range of coffee-making equipment and accessories to provide coffee lovers with the tools and ingredients to craft their perfect cup of coffee.


In addition to their unparalleled dedication to delivering exceptional coffee experiences, Ministry of Roasters takes their commitment to coffee education to new heights with their coffee academy, situated on the upper floor of their café. This visionary initiative reflects their passion for sharing the intricate art and science of coffee with enthusiasts and aspiring baristas alike.


The coffee academy serves as a hub for knowledge exchange, hosting year-on-year workshops designed to provide comprehensive learning experiences about coffee. These workshops cover a spectrum of topics, guiding participants from the very fundamentals, such as understanding the diverse aromas of coffee, to the advanced stages of the coffee-making process. Attendees are immersed in the world of coffee, gaining insights into the nuances of bean selection, roasting techniques and brewing methods.


Ministry of Roasters at Chang Moi Road is not merely a café; it’s a celebration of the art and science of coffee. From the meticulous roasting process to the diverse array of coffee classes, every aspect of the café reflects a commitment to excellence. Whether you’re a casual coffee drinker or a seasoned enthusiast, Ministry of Roasters invites you to savour the rich flavours that the world of specialty coffee has to offer.