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Happy Republic Day Of Kazakhstan Message By HE Arman Issetov

Happy Republic Day Of Kazakhstan Message By HE Arman Issetov

Dear friends of Kazakhstan!

Every 25 October, Kazakhstan commemorates our Republic Day, a day of unique significance as it marks the pivotal moment in 1990 when Kazakhstan declared its sovereignty. This declaration was more than a political statement; it signalled the nation's commitment to its people to carve out a destiny reflecting their aspirations and cultural identity.

Today, Kazakhstan stands tall as the biggest economy in Central Asia. Since gaining sovereignty, the nation has witnessed a meteoric rise in living standards, with its citizens experiencing improved health, education and overall quality of life. With vast reserves of oil, gas, minerals and metals, the nation has effectively leveraged its natural wealth. Strategic infrastructural developments, enticing foreign investments and diversification initiatives have propelled Kazakhstan from an agrarian landscape to become a leading economic powerhouse.

Last year, on 6 July, Kazakhstan and Thailand celebrated the 30th anniversary of our establishment of diplomatic relations. Over these years, we have held numerous mutual visits at all levels in addition to meetings of the joint commission on bilateral cooperation between our countries. Sister city relations have also been established between our capitals, Astana and Bangkok, and Shymkent and Pattaya.

We have formed the basis for mutually beneficial cooperation and have now moved to a new stage of deepening partnerships in all areas. We are grateful for the support and cooperation of the Thai government and people, which has contributed to the deepening of our diplomatic ties. 

For the people of Kazakhstan, Republic Day is not just a nostalgic nod to the past, but an embodiment of our commitment to a unified and prosperous future. This day is a celebration of our resilience and vision, a vision that has elevated Kazakhstan from a former Soviet republic to a beacon of progress and diplomacy on the global stage. The promise of tomorrow, illuminated by the achievements of today, ensures that Republic Day remains a celebration of not just sovereignty, but of endless possibilities.

Today, the long-term strong relations between Kazakhstan and Thailand are dynamically developing and expanding. As we celebrate Republic Day of Kazakhstan today, our government and the Kazakh people are determined to strengthen our mutual cooperation in all spheres for the benefit of Kazakhstan and Thailand.


Happy Republic Day of Kazakhstan!


HE Arman Issetov Ambassador of The Republic of Kazakhstan

to the Kingdom of Thailand