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Explore MRKREME’s ‘Timeless Muse’ At River City Bangkok

Explore MRKREME’s ‘Timeless Muse’ At River City Bangkok

Trendy Gallery and River City Bangkok presents MRKREME’s latest solo exhibition that embarks on a whimsical realm where mischievous furry monsters thrive, capturing the essence of bygone eras of the vibrant 70s and 80s.

The exhibition also captures Thai-Hong Kong artist ‘Andy’ Varagun Chongthanapipat’s concept of time as his passion for art has been brewing since childhood. Initially seeking a career in industrial design, he furthered his studies at the prestigious Pratt Institute. 

Andy’s mark on the art world took off during his university studies when he got involved in the world of art toys in 2019 and took the bold step of setting up a booth to showcase his art toy creations and cartoon characters. This caught the eye of a Taiwanese art toy production company, which led to collaborations with numerous brands and subsequently led the artist to venture into the street art world. His continued work has led to his growing popularity with exhibitions and showcases spanning the United States, France, and Singapore. 

The ‘Timeless Muse’ exhibition is Andy’s largest solo exhibition to date, introducing six of his original characters onto canvas, showcasing his unwavering passion and commitment to perfecting his craft.


The exhibition is open from 16 March to 28 April at River City Bangkok, RCB Photographers’ Gallery on the 2nd floor.


All Photo Credits from River City Bangkok

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